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Tish works with a client

Team Workshops

Team workshops are an effective, efficient, and fun way to get your team aligned and to increase collaboration and productivity.

Types of Workshops

CliftonStrengths Workshop

Half- or full-day workshop to focus on your team’s CliftonStrengths and how you can incorporate each others’ talents into your daily work to improve working relationships and achieve results

Four Lenses Workshop

Full day workshop to discover the personality temperaments of each member of your team. More than just a personality assessment, we will dig into maturity and how each person can embrace their natural temperament without bad behavior.

Leadership Engagement

Sometimes referred to as Four Lenses 2.0, this two day workshop also includes 12 weeks of weekly implementation coaching sessions. You and your team will learn how to engage employees and change the behaviors that will change your results.

Custom Workshops

We can design a custom workshop for your team’s most pressing needs, from establishing core values, learning about conflict resolution, developing strategies, or just about any other topic that is slowing your team down.


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