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When teams are utilizing their strengths, they are able to progress to the next level. Read our story, and the guiding principles we adhere to in our work. 

Tish & Matt

Our Story

We married in 1999 and have led a life full of adventure and travel. Our careers were vastly different from each other’s (Matt’s very stable with the department of defense and Tish’s being much more eclectic). We both held leadership roles in almost all of our positions. Those careers converged unexpectedly in 2021 when Tish founded Next Level Teams. There was never an intention for Matt to join the business, but he began incorporating the tools, ideas, and coaching Tish provided. He saw first hand the difference she could make for a team. As he was doing so and developing his team, Tish began to see the executive experience and insight he brought, and the difference he could make for some of her clients. Thus, almost by accident, Matt began working with Next Level Teams.

A business run by a married team brings a unique set of challenges. We have to merge home and work on a daily basis. We have all the communication trials of a married couple AND a working team. We make fun of each other. We get exasperated by each other. We encourage each other. And we laugh a lot. Fortunately for us, our business goal is to take teams to the next level. We incorporate what we teach in our own home and business. We truly enjoy working together, and we look forward to going to work every day. 

Matt and Tish working together

Next Level Teams: Our Culture

Our Mission

We help leaders drive results for the benefit of their people.

Our Vision

Driving results is hard work. Leaders rely on their people to achieve those results. Their people must all be on the same page, communicating clearly with each other, understanding the priorities, and doing the work. Great leaders can engage their employees to hit their goals and look forward to coming back to work the next day. We help you develop the skills you need to be that great leader.

Our Culture

We value dignity above all else, and we believe all employees deserve to be treated with dignity. We define dignity as valuing who people are and what they do. If we only value who people are and not what they do, we just hand out participation trophies. If we only value what people do and not who they are, we drive people to burnout. However, if we value both who people are and what they do, people will feel true dignity and the organization will experience growth.

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