Business coaching begins with an initial consultation to determine if and how Next Level Teams can help you achieve your goals. We then have all clients complete the CliftonStrengths assessment. We will walk you through your CliftonStrengths Reports, and then set a plan for your coaching sessions. With hundreds of hours of coaching experience, we can help you understand what makes you successful, how you can leverage those strengths, and how you can manage your weaknesses to achieve the results you want. We offer single coaching coaching calls, as well as packages of 6 or 12 calls that include the CliftonStrengths assessment and custom coaching journal. Schedule your free consultation today.

Strengths Based

For the business that's ready to go all in, we can get you started! We begin with the senior executives and then work through and with their teams as appropriate. We include CliftonStrengths assessments, feedback, coaching, and workshops that take your organization through strengths training and development. We help you build your most productive and profitable organization by incorporating CliftonStrengths. Schedule your free consultation today to learn whether or not developing a strengths based organization is the next best step for you.


Knowing your strengths can make your team more engaged, productive, and profitable. We offer a variety of workshops ranging from the basics of strengths for organizations that are new to strengths, to strengths based training on the power of partnerships and improving team performance for organizations that have already invested in strengths and want to continue to become more productive, more profitable, and more efficient. Schedule your free consultation today to learn whether or not a strengths based workshop is right for your team.