Manager Onboarding

Managers carry enormous weight for the success of their business, organization, or department. Yet precious few managers are well trained or provided with resources to help them become great managers.
This 12 week course is designed to help managers get control of their time, their people, and their results. Includes CliftonStrengths reports, 12 weeks of one on one coaching, all course materials, and a manager journal.

Team Building

Knowing your strengths can make your team more engaged, productive, and profitable. We offer a variety of workshops ranging from all things CliftonStrengths to the power of partnerships and improving team performance. All workshops are custom designed for the goals of your unique team.

Executive Coaching
and Mentoring

We offer coaching and mentoring to business owners and those in leadership positions or management (or both!). Coaching is based on your unique goals and CliftonStrengths results to help you reach your full potential, getting you unstuck from the things that hold you back to help you do what you do best every day. Mentoring is also based on your unique goals and CliftonStrengths results. Mentoring provides clarity and helps determine what you want to achieve, form actionable goals, and enables you to gain leadership skills through regular feedback.